Locate and recognize all your hookah parts:

You will also need the following materials:

  • A square of tin foil about 4"x4".
  • A tooth pick or needle.
  • Flavored Tobacco.
  • A hookah coal.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Fill the base with water till the line in the glass.
  2. Connect the stem of the hookah into the glass bottle. Make sure it is sealed airtight.
  3. Connect the wooden part of the hose to the opening on the side of teh stem. Make sure to use the rubber.
  4. Add the charcoal tray on top of the stem.
  5. Fill the clay bowl with flavored tobacco.
  6. Cover the bowl with the square of tin foil tightly.
  7. Use a toothpick to punch little holes in the middle of the tin foil.
  8. Place the bowl firmly on the tip up the stem. Again make sure you are using the rubber.
  9. Grab a single coal with your hookah tong and light it. Give it a minute or less to fully light up and when ready place it on top of the tin foil.
  10. Wait a minute before first puff, then give it a few strong puffs to get it going. It will be running best after 3 minutes.
  11. Now simply sit back relax and enjoy a true hookah session.

* If windy, you may want to use the wind cover. Simply place it on top of the charcoal tray as it covers your tobacco bowl.